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OF £4,000

The story in 5 easy steps

  1. A freelance client hires me to create a logo and design and build a website
  2. Deposit is paid, work progresses well and the logo and website design are approved
  3. The client then cancels the contract, his credit card issue a chargeback for the deposit
  4. PayPal allow the money to be taken from my account with no formal contact
  5. 'My' debt is then passed to a debt collection agency

There is a more in-depth account of my issues on my blog.

So, why are you telling me?

I'm now appealing to the wider web design community, disgruntled PayPal users and the web community as a whole to help me show PayPal their user agreement and business model simply doesn't work.

I have contacted them on numerous occasions regarding this issue and their general response is that I am not covered for 'non-tangible' goods, i.e. any digital work. My question is if I am not covered, how was my so-called client covered and able to take the deposit payment back?

Can I help?

I'm glad you asked! This site has been set up to request and encourage donations to my PayPal account to reduce the debt that is now, apparently, mine. The total amount taken from my account was £4,403. So, I'm looking to get 4,000 people to donate £1 to my fund! I want to show PayPal that their system is flawed and when unscrupulous users get away with underhand tricks, the public and the general web will notice!

Want to help?

Thank you! Click the button to pay back £1!

What do I get?

Hopefully, a sense that you've helped me out! I'll also add a page to this site listing all those that have donated, with a link to your own website if you want one. Just leave me a note with your payment and I'll give you a free plug!

Can I trust you?

Well, yes! My name is Simon Leedham, I run a successful freelance web design business and have been producing sites for freelance clients for over 4 years. In this time, I have had no problems like this and maintain good relationships with all of my cllients. You can find my official site at If you have any questions or want to verify I am actually real, email me at

I will also keep this page up to date with the total received and if I reach my target any and all donations over this will be returned to you. Furthermore, if I reach the target I will happily donate this site and domain name to anyone else who has faced similar problems.

And finally, thank you!

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Who's helped so far?

Thank you to those who have helped me Pay Off Paypal so far, I appreciate each and every pound and every tweet, like or share! Below is a list of like-minded, excellent people who have donated a pound to help me!